The best luxury suites in Prinos Thassos

Loving Thassos island and luxury traveling became the inspiration behind the creation of Narciso

Narciso is what happens when the dream of collecting all the experiences of worldwide voyages into a Greek hospitality project becomes true. Loving Thassos island and luxury traveling became the inspiration behind the creation of Narciso, a modern boutique complex in the ideal location of Prinos, surrounded by the mountain views and the tranquility their guests need.

The suites were meticulously designed to meet the upscale standards of luxury living. Going back to Greece’s basic but most essential traits, Narciso incorporated the brightness of the white structures, the mystic turquoise of the Aegean and wooden elements of the luscious nature of Thassos into a minimal yet homey world of comfort.

Greek hospitality reinvented

Narciso is here to address the desires of guests who appreciate their privacy while being pampered with premium services in a stylish environment. The suites overlook the central pool, featuring the loungers where guests enjoy the delicious treats of the Narciso Bar – Restaurant. Selected local ingredients from Thassos and Greece were combined to deliver a unique culinary journey of flavors.

What makes Narciso special is an environment created by hospitality experts and an attentive staff, who will personally make sure that the guests’ stay has the utmost standards. Thassos is an island that offers mainland plurality combined with exclusive island secrets. In Narciso, Thasso’s unique treasures are at arm’s length, with the team ready to propose and arrange yachting cruises, degustation experiences, 4×4 Safari adventures or outdoor sporting events. In advance, guests can have set by Narciso their Top to-do list in Thassos and have everything planned to its detail upon arrival.

“Luxury living is not only being surrounded by well-crafted designs and comfort. In Narciso, it means feeling like you never left home while being in a whole new world of senses. ” Narciso team